We believe that technology is meant to help us, but it must be setup properly and maintained.  Network maintenance is vital to a healthy computing environment as well as protecting your important data. We can minimize emergencies and downtime with regular maintenance!  In today's world, most companies are less productive or even completely unproductive when their network, servers or workstations are down.

Regular maintenance can include the following:

  • Check firewall / router for latest updates, firmware and is configured correctly.

  • Check that servers are updated, patched, operating properly and have proper disk space, and memory.

  • Perform company specific software updates if needed.

  • Check that corporate anti-virus is updated and configured properly.

  • Check that all switches are up to date, configured properly and operating properly.

  • Check on battery backups.

  • Check that backups are working properly and switch out backups for offsite storage.

  • Review service contracts and software licensing.

  • Review system security.

  • Review user accounts.